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  1. Crochet Pineapple Reticule inspired by this.

    This purse was made last year, but I never showed it off until now. Let me tell you, it was the source of a frightening amount of ripping out and spilt beads. For an entire year I yearned to have my own pineapple reticule (throwing practicality out the window because, dang what can you put in those things but your phone and a stick of gum) yet everytime I looked at the pattern I deflated like a sorry balloon. “Knitting inc and dec, dpns, numbered thread - is this some kind of martian craft??”

    Then I finally gave in, sat down, and didn’t get up for three days until my own crochetted fruity reticule was born. Ever sewed beads onto something while surrounded by yarn balls and living with three cats? Don’t. Trust me on this. The pineapple’s not very useful except for small occassions, but after all that I better like it! ;D

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